Date: Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 – 1:00-2:30 PM PST
Module 2
Social Learning
Content Curation on Twitter: Deepening Expertise and Learning



Content curation on Twitter and other social channels is a solid technique for building thought leadership and influence on social media channels AND professional learning. Content curation is the process of sifting through links and selecting the best ones to share with your professional network online. But goes beyond simply sharing to providing analysis and insights. This session will cover the “Seek, Sense, Share” framework and techniques for highly effective and efficient self-directed professional learning. Participants will leave knowing how to discover great content in their field on social channels, make sense of it, and share with their professional networks.


Review of Homework from Module 1
Benefits and challenges of self-directed professional development in the work place
Keeping Up with Your Industry on Twitter
Seek/Sense/Share Work Flow
Case Studies of Nonprofit Leaders As Content Curators
Setting Up Your System

-Set up or subscribe to Twitter Lists of sources
-Finding and following hash tags
-Use Seek/Sense/Share and tweet using #netlead hashtag


Seek Sense Share on Twitter

Using Twitter Lists and Hashtags

Newsreaders and Twitter Dashboards

A few Twitter Lists

Give Local America: Philanthropy Influencers

Community Foundations

Philanthropy Reporters

Nonprofit Lists

Philanthropy Thought Leaders

Foundation Center Lists

Roberta King's Lists

3 Genius Ways To Find Twitter Lists

A Few Good Hashtags

10 Social Good Hashtags

50 Social Good Hashtags

Social Good Hashtags

How To Participate in Twitter Chats

The Big List of Nonprofit Twitter Chats

Additional Reading and Links

Professional Learning on Social Networks

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