Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 1-2:30 PM PST
Module 3: Smart Professional Networking and Relationship Building on Social Channels

Twitter is a powerful tool for building a vibrant professional network that help reach both professional and organizational objectives. The key is being able to visualize your professional network, understand how people are connected, and be intentional about building stronger relationships both on Twitter and offline. This session will provide a framework for analyzing and mapping your network and techniques for cultivating and deepening relationships on Twitter in an efficient way that grows your professional network

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Homework Review (exercise)
Why professional networking and relationship building is valuable to both you and your organization
Best Practices in Networking and Professional Relationship Building and How They Translate Online
Analyzing Your Network and Building Your Inner Circle
Growing Your Network Through Social Channels: Connection Policy
Engagement Techniques on Twitter

PRE WORK: Please follow each other on Twitter

-Practice networking tweets
-Analyze Your Network

Worksheets and Tip Sheets


Smarter Professional Networking

Additional Resources
Professional Networking on Twitter

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